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The focus of the Competition Sports Handicap Golf Tour is to promote the game of golf with passion, integrity and honor. We provide an organization that gives its players incentive to improve their game through fair and equitable competition for cash prizes. Our main goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience through competition. The tour utilizes the USGA Handicap Formula to provide its members the most accurate and progressive competition available. Events are held at golf courses throughout NW Oklahoma, Dodge City Kansas and Colorado Springs CO. 

Regular tournaments are 18 holes, and winners are paid at the conclusion of play, (paying the top 25% of the field).  We provide affordable competition for our members virtually every month! The tour plays in strict accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and requires all players understand the USGA Rules of Golf and Tour Policy. Join the Competition Sports Handicap Golf Tour and let the spirit of a healthy and fair competition take your golf game to a new level of success and enjoyment for years to come.

The Competition Sports Golf Tour has an annual membership fee of $30. This fee will be deducted from the players winnings.  Once a player pays the membership fee, membership is good for 12 months.

The cost of each tournament is $90.00 and course cost.

Each tournament pays the top 25% of the field up to 7 places, 40 plus players will pay 8 places. Need to have 8 players to pay 2 places, 12 players to pay 3 places ect (see payout tab). Breakdown of the entry fee: $70 to tournament purse, $10 pays the taxes, $6 to administrative fees, and $4 will be added to the year end Major.

The year end Major will be scheduled in September. Entry is $180.00 and course cost. Must play in at least 1 season tournament to be eligible for the Major.

The Competition Sports Golf Tour will use the USGA handicap scoring system. The USGA and the Competition Sports Golf Tour recognize 20 scores as the number needed to establish a true and accurate handicap. There are three ways to enter your first event: 1.) Bring GHIN card from home course stating true and accurate handicap. 2.) Bring signed letter from PGA Pro or home course representative stating true and accurate handicap. 3.) Estimate your true and accurate handicap (additional qualifying restrictions apply). Handicap for a new player will be discussed with current CSGT players and must be agreed on.

To register for an event, go to the Upcoming Events tab and click the register now button or text 580-571-5773. Pre-registration for tournaments are mandatory so tee times can be established. Entry is paid on the day of the event. 

2019 Tournaments are posted on the Upcoming Events page.

Tournament directors: 

Kenny Wederski

Timmy Wederski

Kelsey Wederski

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